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Dr. Robert Keating  






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UNCW Office: Cameron Hall 200A

Office Hours: Monday thru Thursday

by appointment
Office Phone: 910-962-3069

E-Mail: keatingb@uncw.edu

Link to: Cameron School of Business


  Class Hours:

Summer 1

MGT 455-001   MTWR   8:00-10:15     CH 111

MGT 350-001   MTWR   10:15-12:20   CH 214   





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During the summer session of 2008, Dr. Keating traveled with a group of UNCW students to Australia for three weeks. In Australia, he instructed a Business 294 class, Building Cross Cultural Competence. The course does not require any prerequisites. The trip was so successful six years ago that it was decided to do it again. For more information about this trip down under contact Dr. Keating.

Dr. Keating plans to accumulate additional frequent flyer miles by attending a meeting held in Cancun, Mexico for the Association of Global Business. For over a decade he has been involved with this organization and holds the title of, 
Abstract Proceedings Editor.







Text Box: Special Interest:
TABSA is a partnership of four European schools that offer the opportunity to study two years at American schools and two years in foreign schools. Students are awarded with degrees from both local and foreign schools. Competency in foreign language is required. Dr. Keating offers information to students interested in TABSA.