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University of North Carolina - Cameron School of Business


Capstone Projects / Theses Committees

In Progress

Paul Murray Remote Coaching Application


Capstone / Thesis (Committee Chair)

Fall 2016 Michael Fabbri A Case Study: Improving a Prototype Application to Current Development Standards
Spring 2016 Brook Bigford An Exploration in Building Offline Web Applications in Ember
Fall 2015 Jason Gillin Investigation of Using an Unmanned Aerieal Vehicle to Assist in Helping Distressed Swimmer
April 2014 Joe Healy Integrating HCI Principles into Device Development Curriculum
April 2013 Adam Browne Green Information Technologies: Implementing Best Practices in Small Business
November 2012 Zackary Wilson Prophet Explorer -- A Full-Text Search MVC Application to Compare the Sayings of Religious Prophets
November 2012 Matt Laird Study & Implementation of Authentication Best Practice Techniques for Two Legacy Systems
November 2012 Jason Felds Re-Visioning of the Automatic Grading/Learning System
April 2012 Andrew Montanaro Implementing Mini Quizzes to Increase Student Learning for a Class via a Mobile Learning Application
April 2012 Brian Satz The Computer Warriors - an Entrepreneurial Venture
November 2011 Lorie McClain Comparative Assessment of Software Development Project Effort Estimation Tools
November 2011 Ashley Verekyn Analysis, Design, and Implementation of a News and Event Content Management System (NECMS) for the Cameron School of Businss, University of North Carolina Wilmington
May 2010 Chris Cotton Rez-O-Lution: A Ticket Management System for The Office of Housing and Residence Life at The University of North Carolina Wilmington *co-chair
December 2009 Matt Boykin Utilization of Automation to Deliver Historical Economic Data to Customers through the Use of Web Technologies
December 2008 Kevin Matthews Development of an Adaptive Grading/Learning System (AGLS)
May 2008 Josh Tobey Utilizing Web Technologies to Provide Historical Data Relative to the Economic Health of Southeastern North Carolina
May 2008 Greg Huff An Applicable Approach to Signal Analysis and Peak Detection
November 2007 Alisha Oliver Exploring Methods to Justify Projects with Intangible Benefits
May 2007 Chris Holtsford A Solution for Community Development

Capstone / Thesis (Committee Member)

Fall 2017 Brian Abdoe Gaming
Spring 2017 Matt Cook Extending Data Visualization in Salesforce with React and Redux
April 2015 Joshua Kraszeski Calendar App on the SalesForce Platform
November 2014 Justin McNeil A Cross-Platform Mobile Health Application
April 2013 Paul Martin PeTE: Programming Education Teaching Environment
April 2012 Lauren Beyel Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing for the Swain Center
July 2011 Andrew Martin CMobile: A Mobile Photo Capture Application for Construction Imaging
June 2011 Jason Dudley Building a Real Time Bus Tracking Data Display System
April 2010 Matt Ratliff Active Appearance Models for Affect Recognition using Facial Expressions
April 2010 Jerry Martin Suppressing Independent Loops in Packing/Unpacking Loop Nests to Reduce Message Size for Message-Passing Code
December 2009 Matt Hernandez Determining Improvements to IT Systems through Business Service Management while Calculating, Through Time Savings (or Fractional Employee Reduction), the Business Value of IT Investments
December 2009 Matt Mascherin Venture Business Plan For E-Commerce Business
November 2009 Robert Harrison A Low-Cost Tele-Operated Robotic Platform
November 2009 Casey Tucker GNU Radio and the USRP as a Solution for Remote Emergency Monitoring
June 2009 Royce Nobles Evaluation of Spelling Correction and Concept-Based Searching Models in a Data Entry Application
December 2008 Steve Sutton Cipher-N -- A secure, Web-based Document Exchange Service
April 2008 Danny Rayburn Reeves Disambiguating Human Spoken Diary Entries Using Context Information
July 2007 Eric Harris Extending GridNexus and JXPL to Support the Visual Assembly of Web Services
May 2007 Ryan Wilkins Neurocognitive Inspired Hierachical Face Recognition System