UNCW - Study in Germany/Ireland 

Thomas Janicki

University of North Carolina Wilmington - Cameron School of Business


Study In Ireland (MIS / CIT Majors)

Fall or Spring Term - MIS and CIT can take 4 to 5 courses in Galway Ireland

For MIS & CIT Students: these courses are predetermined to come back for UNCW Credit and are typically available in the term listed below
Fall- UNCW Equivalent Fall- NUI Galway Spring- UNCW Equivalent Spring- NUI Galway
MIS 216 (Intro to Bus. App. Development) MS 111 (Application Development I) MIS 216 (Intro to Bus. App. Development) MS 112 (App. Development II)
MIS 316 (Bus. App. Development) MS 220 (Advanced App. Development I) MIS 316 (Bus. App. Development) MS 221 (Adv. App. Development II)
MIS 315 (Mgt. of Database Systems) MS 218 (Database Technologies) MIS 323 (Bus. Telecommunications) MS 119 (Bus. Data Communications)
MIS 480 (IT Resource Planning & Mgt.) MS 403 (IS Strategy & Planning) MIS 411 (Information Systems Analysis) MS 114 (Information Systems Analysis)
MIS 323 (Bus. Telecommunications) MS 216 (Networks & Communications) MIS Elective MS 413 (Cloud Computing)
MIS 419 (Proj. Mgt.) MS 325 (Proj. Mgt.)
MIS Elective MS 320 (E Business Technologies)