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How Cities Hurt Economic Development and Tourism - The Biggest Mistakes

Big Mistake
Computerized Signs
Focus groups rate these signs as "dangerous" and "trashy" looking. Sole purpose is to distract attention of drivers by using blinking motions and red/yellow colors. Lowest rated of all signs. Banned from many communities.

Big Mistake
Temporary Signs
Creates perception that area is "cluttered, has "low community pride", and may not enforce other regulations

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Web Page of Dr. Craig S. Galbraith

Professor, Technology, Entrepreneurship and Corporate Strategy
GlaxoSmithKline Faculty Fellow, Technogy and Economic Development
Doctorate Dissertation Supervisor, Edinburgh Business School

In 1890 Charles Elliot, President of Harvard University, wrote that a good business education develops “accuracy in observation, quickness and certainty in seizing upon the main points of a new subject, and discrimination in separating the trivial from the important in great masses of facts." To this extent, the modern business management degree combines the best of the humanities, economics, liberal arts, and social sciences into a course of study designed to enhance global life in the 21st century.

Recent Empirical Research on Student Evaluations of Teaching

There is no relationship between Student Evaluations and faculty teaching effectiveness, in fact, the evidence suggests that faculty receiving the highest student evaluations are actually less effective on the the average. Galbraith et al (2011), "Are Student evaluations of teaching effectiveness valid for measuring student learning outcomes in business related classes: A neural network and Bayesian Analysis," Research in Higher Education, 2011, Vol. 53, Issue 1, pp. 353-374

College students have higher levels of acheivement in classes taught by faculty who publish a lot in academic journals. Galbraith and Merrill (2011), "Faculty research productivity and standardized student learning outcomes in a university teaching environment: A Bayesian analysis of relationships," Studies in Higher Education, 2012, Vol. 37, Issue 4, pp. 469-480

Well controlled peer observations of classroom instruction are more valid for assessing faculty teaching effectiveness than student evaluations. Galbraith and Merrill (2011), "Predicting student achievement in university level business and economics classes: Peer observation of classroom instruction and student ratings of teaching effectiveness," College Teaching, 2012, Vol. 60, Issue 2, pp. 48-55.


Real Life Experience - Technololgy Transfer Student Projects
Under the direction of Dr. Galbraith, Cameron graduate and undergraduate students are assisting in transfering and commercializing advanced technologies. Under various contracts with different Department of Defense technology transfer agencies, since Fall, 2003 over twnety UNCW project teams have been assigned to assist in this effort. UNCW's past technology transfer projects include: a Micro-pore Bio-terrorism Detection System; a Hyperspectral Explosives Detection System for airport security; Naval Undersea Warfare Center's Robust Automated Classification System, various Chemical Warfare Agent Detection Systems, a Container Alert System for Port Security, a Handheld Biological Collection Device from Los Alamos Defense Laboratory, a heads-up near-eye mounted optical display for telemedicine, and a fluorometer detection system for improvised explosive devices. Recent projects include a disease vector control system for military bases in Iraq, a through-wall motion sensing device, a new adjuvant to increase effectiveness of anthrax vaccines, and a self-regulating underwater plow. Dr. Galbraith specializes in technology transition of port security technologies, and needs assessment studies for 1st responder technologies

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Ph.D. Strategic Management and Mathematical Economics, Purdue University
MSc. Molecular and Environmental Biology, University of Nebraska
MBA Manufacturing Management, San Diego State University
B.A. Economic Philosophy, San Diego State University

Dr. Galbraith has published 6 books, and over 100 academic papers in top journals including the Strategic Management Journal, Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Management, California Management Review, Journal of Business Venturing, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Journal of Small Business Management, Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Journal of Enterprising Communities, Journal of Technology Transfer, and Journal of High Technology Management Research. As an economic development expert, he has served as Chairperson of several planning commissions and industrial development authorities, and is currently Chairperson of the Kure Beach Planning and Zoning Commission. As an entrepreneur, he has been the co-founder of a California-based biotechnology firm, held executive positions in small ocean shipping firms, been involved in several import/export activities, and Vice-President of start-up and Vice-President of Commercialization for a local start-up medical instruments R&D firm. Currently he is founder and president of a small housing rehabilitation company.
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Best Blog Sites -
"Best source of political, economic, and business insights, these are my favorite blog sites. More up-to-date, accurate and useful information than traditional newspapers or main stream media"

View Powerline - My personal favorite
View Poliblog - A sharp political science prof
View Michelle Malkin - No-nonsense journalistic insight

View Web Version of Frontline Security Magazine - good site, deals with issues related to management of 1st responders and emergency management (Dr. Galbraith is an Associate Editor and article contributer)

Quote to Think About -
"When a civilization no longer inculcates an overriding attachment to its own survival, it no longer survives as a civilization. In peacetime, the disintegration appears more theoretical. In wartime, the holes really begin to show." Diana West, editorial, Washington Times, 3/30/2007.

Books Recent Books
View The Benedictine Rule of Leadership
(published by Adams Media, NY, 2004)

View Forbes.com Review of Benedictine Rule of Leadership and other book reviews

Published in Portuguese as Código Beneditino de Liderança (Editora Landscape, 2005)

View Developmental Entrepreneurship: Adversity, Risk, and Isolation
(published by Elsevier Science, 2006)

View Ethnic Entrepreneurship: Adversity, Risk and Isolation
(published by Elsevier Science, 2004)

View Organizations in Transition
(published by Elsevier Science, 2002)

View First Responder Technology Needs: Command, Control and Communication (C3) for Situational Awareness (view full report, pdf file)
(2007, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center-SSC SD, Prepared for Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (OSD), Homeland Defense and America's Security Affairs, 1401 Technology Transfer)

Recent Academic Articles

"Presenter passion and presentation design on reviewer assessment and subsequent success: An empirical study of high technology proposal and business plan presentations"Journal of High Technology Management Research, 2013, 24, 53-63 download article

"Predicting the Commercialization Progress of Early-Stage Technologies: An Ex-Ante Analysis"IEEE Transactions on Engineering Managment, 2012, 59(2), 213-225 download article

"Academic and work-related burnout: A longitudinal study of working undergraduate university business students"Journal of College Student Development, 2012, 53(2), 453-463 download article

"Economics and Spirituality in the Entrepreneurial Development Strategy of the Franciscan California Missions: The Historical Case of San Diego"Journal of San Diego History, 2010, 56(4), 233-256 download article

"The Use and Content of Formal Rating Systems in Angel Group Investment Initial Screening Stages"Journal of Small Business Strategy, 2009, 20(2), 61-79 download article

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"The Impact of Ethnolinguistic Diversity on Entrepreneurial Activity: A Cross-Country Study" International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business, 2009, 8(3), 309-331. download article

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"False Myths and Indigenous Entrepreneurship" (Journal of Small Business and Entreprenership, 2006, 16, 1-18) also reprint in T. Anderson, B. Benson, and T. Flanagan, Self Determination: The Other Path for Native Americans. Stanford University Press: Palo Alto, CA, pp. 1-20. download article

"Disasters and Entrepreneurship: A Short Review" in Developmental Entrepreneurship: Adversity, Risk, and Isolation (Galbraith, C., and C. Stiles, eds), Elsevier, 2006, pp. 147-165. download article

"Poverty, Developing Entrepreneurship and Aid Economics in Mozambique: A Review of Empirical Research" in Developmental Entrepreneurship: Adversity, Risk, and Isolation (Galbraith, C., and C. Stiles, eds), Elsevier, 2006, pp. 187-201. download article

"Predicting Technology Success: Identifying Key Predictors and Assessing Expert Evaluation for Advanced Technologies" Journal of Technology Transfer, 2006, 32(1), 673-684. download article

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"Metaphors of Economic Activity in 19th and 20th Century Western Art," International Journal of Management, 2004, 21(1), 16-24. download article

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