Edward Graham

Professor of Finance
University of North Carolina at Wilmington

Investment Research

Does High Short Interest Lead Underperformance? Stock price behavior patterns for heavily shorted Nasdaq stocks are reviewed. View

The Deferral of Capital Gains Taxes. A section 1031 case study is given. View

The Varying Risk Market Model. A 2-factor market model is examined. View

Capital Structure Choice and the New High-Tech Firm. A study with an MBA student that studies capital structure choice. View

Modeling Returns Generating Processes and tests of the APT. A multi-factor model of security returns is evaluated. View

Firm Values and Optimal Levels of Liquidity. A study of the factors influencing a firm's optimal level of liquidity is examined. View

Desirable Slack or Liquidity Enhancement. A study that observes the valuation of liquidity infusions for liquidity constrained companies. View

Short Sale Motivations. Motivations, ownership structure and market microstructure for heavily shorted stocks are studied. View