Below is a partial list of my favorite financial sites from the World Wide Web. the Hyperlinks command from the Insert menu.

  • https://www.marketwatch.com/
    • This is my favorite web site for keeping track of what is happening in the stock market. The site contains numerous articles of interest and relevance to current stock prices.
  • http://www.businessweek.com/
    • This a very good web site for doing research on just about any publicly held company in the USA and most major firms overseas: COMPANY INSIGHT CENTER.
  • http://www.investors.com/
    • Another financial web site dedicated to stock information. Unhappily most of the good stuff is available only to subscribers.
  •  http://www.thestreet.com/
    • A really good site for checking out
  • http://www.moex.com/en/
    • This is the Russian Trading System (Moscow Stock Exchange). It has a limited number of stock quotes. However, many more are available with a little bit of investigation.



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