Standard and Poor’s 500

SEC Edgar Filings

Robert Schiller’s Stock Data Since 1871


Stock and Bond Data Online: Top 20 Stock Research Websites

FINRA Mutual Fund Analysis (18,000 funds) *NEW*

Yahoo finance Can export by “point and click” and by using TeachMSOffice video functions; 3 years of Annual Financial Statements

MSN Money Can export by “point and click”; 5 years of Annual Financial Statements

Morningstar  Use their embedded function for financial statements, cannot export by “point and click”; 5 years of Annual Financial Statements

DailyFinance Can export by “point and click”; 5 years of Annual Financial Statements

FOOL Can export by “point and click”; 4 years of Annual Financial Statements

Bloomberg/Business Week Can export by “point and click”; 4 years of Annual Financial Statements

GlobeInvestor Cannot export financial statements by “point and click”; 16 years of Annual Financial Statements

CNN Money Can export by “point and click”; 4 years of Annual Financial Statements

CNBC Can export by “point and click”; 4 years of Annual Financial Statements


Industry Websites:

Free Industry

US Census Bureau NAICS data

            How to Find Industry Financial Ratios

            Mergent ONLINE

            Free ONLINE Resources at U. of Pitt.


Other Useful Websites:


EXCEL Spreadsheet Skills for Finance (Dr. Pam Peterson’s Website)

Damodaran Website (huge amount of research data)

Investing Guy’s Top 25 Websites for Stock Research

Value Line

Investment Research

Barron's Barron's newspaper online.

BusinessWeek BusinessWeek magazine online.

Forbes Forbes magazine online.

Fortune Fortune magazine online.

Investor Broadcast Network Company conference calls broadcast over the internet.

Investors Business Daily Investors Business Daily online. Online dictionary of investment terminology.

Merril Lynch One of the world's largest brokerage firms.

Reuters Free research on thousands of publicly traded companies.

Quicken  Comprehensive information and news on stocks and markets.

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney   Brokerage firm used by ULV SMIF. Conference calls over the internet.


Economic Research Websites


FED of New York

FED of Saint Louis

FED of San Francisco

FED of Atlanta

FED (Historical Data & Govt Releases)

Interest Rate Statistics

T-Bill FAQs

The Dismal Science

NBER: National Bureau of Economic Research
Economic Statistics Briefing Room (the WHITEHOUSE site)
Interest Rate Trends

Global Business Cycle Economic Indicators

The Long Demise of Glass-Steagall

Shattering Glass-Steagall


Economic (online) data sources

Trading Economics Costs money, but has great graphs and shows sources of data bases.

The Conference Board (CEO Confidence) and Roger’s paper using it, and actual data.

Michigan Consumer Sentiment (FRED)

Conference Board’s Confidence Index Free source of the data!!

AAII Consumer Sentiment Index  and Historical Data and using it as a Contrarian Indicator

Robert Shiller annual data on S&P Composite (1871-present) and 11 other indices

NBER: DATA on business cycles

BLS: Employment data, PPI, CPI, Labor Force, “Bureau of Labor Statistics's (BLS) Household Survey, gives us the official measure of the U.S. unemployment rate. This survey is based on estimates of the size of the labor force and the number of people employed that are inferred from a survey of individual households. The Household Survey differs from the BLS's Payroll Survey, which provides another estimate of employment from a survey of the payroll of individual businesses.” Quote source

US also Department of Treasury Treasury rates

ECONOMIC TIME SERIES Pay for site.  (However, this shows data that may be obtained for free)

Mortgage Indexes huge amount of data


FRED of St Louis: Inflation Expectations data, CPI data, PPI data, Case-Shiller Home Price data,

FRED of San Francisco: Beige Book


FRED data releases

World Bank:



Pacific Basin Studies:



UNCW Library Resources

Standard and Poor’s NetAdvantage  (ONLINE) includes industry surveys and financial ratios are provided at the end of each survey. 

Business Source Complete (ONLINE) has industry reports, too, and many of those reports include ratios.    

MergentOnline (ONLINE) is a company database where you can create lists of companies within an industry (either by searching industry classification codes or by keyword).  From the information provided one can create tailored industry ratios using the information from the companies within a given industry.  All of these databases are available by going to the library home page and clicking on More eResources by Subject and then Business.


The library also subscribes to three print sources (they are not available online) for industry ratios.  The three sources all get their data from different sources.  For example, one gets data from annual reports while another gets data from the IRS. 

They are:  Industry Norms and Key Business Ratios (REF HF5681 .R25 I53), Almanac of Business and Industrial Financial Ratios (REF HF5681. R25 T68) and RMA Annual Statement Studies (REF HF5681 .B2 R6).